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Sessional GPs (salaried and locum)

Sessional GPs make up approximately 50% of the GP workforce in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven and North Yorkshire & the City of York.

YORLMC is funded through a practice based levy which covers all GPs. As a sessional GP, you have the opportunity to be represented through YORLMC Ltd at no cost to you personally, meaning your views can be represented fairly and adequately by YORLMC when determining and negotiating policy.

Sessional GPs are an important and significant part of the workforce and YORLMC’s Operations Team is working hard to improve its engagement with you. We encourage all sessional GPs to share their contact details with us so that we can keep you updated with information that is relevant to you.  As long as we have an up to date email address you will receive information relating to:

  • training and events, many of which attract CPD
  • newsletters, including those aimed specifically at sessional GPs
  • invitations to attend locality Locality meetings which provide the opportunity to meet with GP colleagues and discuss matters that are relevant to individual localities.
  • email alerts and other important updates.

YORLMC recognises the diversity of contracts held by GPs and is aware of the importance of ensuring that a wide cross-section of GPs are represented and there are seats on each Branch of YORLMC to which salaried and locum GPs can be elected:

Bradford & Airedale Branch

Salaried and locum GPs are eligible to stand for all locality seats. The following sessional GPs currently hold seats on the Bradford & Airedale Branch:

Dr Emily Appleyard - Salaried

Dr Maria Foulds - Salaried

Dr Danielle Hann - Locum

Dr Hazel Hawker - Salaried

Dr Kathryn Howe - Salaried

Dr Val Wilson – Locum

North Yorkshire Branch

Salaried and locum GPs are eligible to stand for all locality seats. The following sessional GPs currently occupy seats on the North Yorkshire Branch:

Dr Tillmann Jacobi – Locum

Dr Brian McGregor – Salaried

Dr Catherine Chapman - Salaried

Dr Elizabeth Farrar - Salaried

Dr Abbie Brooks - Salaried

Dr Naomi Chinn - Salaried

Dr Matt Ansell - Salaried

Please remember that YORLMC Locality meetings take place regularly within individual localities. These meetings are open to any GP regardless of contractual status and all GPs are invited to contribute to agendas and take an active role in discussions.

Meeting dates for Bradford, Airedale Wharfedale and Craven locality meetings can be found here ​​​​​​and North Yorkshire & York locality meetings here. Please let the Operations Team know if you plan to attend on a particular date.

Advice and support

YORLMC is a source of confidential advice to individual GPs, in the case of salaried and sessional GPs this could include:

  • complaints made about you by practices you have worked for
  • concerns you may wish to raise confidentially about practices you have worked in
  • access to the LMC’s Pastoral Network service

YORLMC is unable to provide employment advice to individual sessional Drs as this falls within the remit of the BMA’s employment advice service.

The GPC’s Sessional GPs Subcommittee

The Sessional GPs Subcommittee is part of the BMA’s General Practitioners Committee (GPC). It provides national representation for all salaried and locum GPs and it:

  • considers all matters of interest for sessional GPs
  • leads on all GPC issues that primarily affect sessional GPs
  • responds to relevant consultations affecting sessional GPs.


The BMA website includes news, advice and guidance for sessional doctors which can be accessed here

A BMA model locum practice agreement has been developed jointly by GPC and the sessional GP Sub-Committee with the help of BMA Law.

This has been developed with the aim of benchmarking good practice for locums and practices.  BMA Members who use the locum practice agreement can check any terms and conditions they are offered with the BMA contract checking service

The following will also be of particular relevance to sessional GPs

BMA - IR35

PCSE - GP payments and pensions

PCSE - Performers List

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