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Contracts and regulations

Access to health records
The BMA has produced guidance for GPs and their practices covering all aspects relating to confidentiality of patient information and medical records.

Contract regulations 
NHS Primary Medical Services Directions 
The National Health Service (General Medical Services Contracts) Regulations 2015
The National Health Service (Personal Medical Services Agreements) Regulations 2015 The National Health Service (Performers Lists) (England) Regulations 2013

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Guidance on the BMA website

GP Contract 2020/21
There’s information about the 2020/21 GP contract on the BMA website

Primary Care Networks (PCNs)
The BMA website has guidance on creating and running a Primary Care Network and there’s also more information on a dedicated page on the BMA website


GP practices

There is a suite of information on the BMA website for GP partners, practice managers and doctors to use to ensure your practice is compliant and delivering the best patient care.

CQC guidance
There’s a range of guidance for GP practices on the CQC website. In addition to the above, the BMA has produced guidance for practices which provides a straightforward explanation to help you determine whether you are compliant with the CQC's essential standards. This guidance is available here .

Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice
There are full details of the above scheme on the NHS Resolution website

Dealing with unfair comments as a GP practice
BMA guidance is available here

Doctors use of social media 
The GMC & BMA have both produced guidance for doctors that describe the benefits and risks to consider when using social media. 

Occupational health
There is more information available here

Patient registration
Information available on the BMA website

Prescribing guidance
Guidance on a range of prescribing related topics on the BMA website. There is information about responsibility for prescribing between primary and secondary/tertiary care on the NHSE website

Primary Care Support England (PCSE)
There is information relevant to GPs and practices on the PCSE website. There is guidance about PCSE on the BMA website including issues raised by GP practices, guidance on how you can raise concerns and what the BMA is doing to help. 

Removing patients from the practice list
Guidance on the BMA website

Taking on new partners
There is guidance on the BMA website about considerations to make when first appointing a new partner, including due diligence, documents you need and references. LMC Law offer a full partnership drafting service at competitive market rates and there is more information about LMC Law’s services here



The BMA has developed a number of ethics toolkits. Included in this resource is an Adults Safeguarding Ethics toolkit and a Children and Young People toolkit. The GMC has also produced ethical guidance for doctors – available here

There are local resources available at the links below:


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