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YORLMC Ltd: Annual Report 2022-23

Download YORLMC’s April 22-March 23 Annual Report here

The report describes the work YORLMC has carried out on your behalf during the period between April 2022 and March 2023. This has been an extremely busy year for YORLMC, with development and expansion continuing in multiple directions, as our two LMCs strive to become more visible and accountable to you.

We know time is precious and in short supply, so thank you for taking the time to read this annual report and please do get in touch to share any thoughts or feedback. This will help shape the future direction of YORLMC’s work and ensure the LMC continues to deliver services and support that are appropriate for your needs.

Reflections on the year, Mrs Angela Foulston, Chief Executive

As mentioned in this report, this has been another incredibly busy period during which time there has been yet another NHS transformation.

It is not just the NHS landscape that has changed over the last 12 months – there have also been significant changes within YORLMC.

  • LMC meetings have been restructured to promote debate that is relevant to the new Place based footprints
  • The introduction of Brian McGregor’s regular interactive Q&A sessions provide an opportunity for constituent GPs and Practice Managers to meet and discuss issues directly with him
  • We have looked critically at how we engage with you and have introduced new ways of sharing information – you may have seen videos and podcasts showcasing resources available to the wider GP community
  • Newsletter formats have been redesigned and these together with Brian’s regular and less formal updates are, I hope, providing you with timely and relevant information that is presented in an easy-to-read format
  • The Operations Team has been restructured enabling it to work in a more agile and creative way

Relationships and communication are the lynchpin of everything we do.

YORLMC has settled into a structure where we focus on developing and maintaining robust relationships with our partners in care. We are consulted on changes to General Practice, used as a sounding board for GP opinion, plans are adapted following our input, and we enjoy the confidence of those we work with in the ICSs and NHSE.

We are linked in with our neighbouring LMCs and regularly act in a collaborative manner with them in supporting and promoting General Practice. We do this via our close links with Humberside LMCs and the West Yorkshire LMCs Executive which Brian currently chairs. We have also facilitated a preliminary meeting for LMC colleagues from across Yorkshire & Humber, the aim being to support the development of a consistent representative voice across Yorkshire and the Humber region.

YORLMC does not stand still, development workstreams continue apace, amidst an ever-increasing workload of contractual support, pastoral care, assisting in estates, capital, IT, employment, complaints, PCN DES queries, service development, commissioner meetings, practice and personal wellbeing and the ever-increasing workload and workforce challenges seen in all our practices.

The future of the profession remains in the balance, but whatever challenge materialises, YORLMC is in a good position to support, inform and lead GPs and practice teams into the future.


May 2024


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