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YORLMC’s Environmental Pledge


YORLMC is committed to promoting a sustainable future and to being an environmentally responsible organisation. By adopting working practices that minimise the impact we have on our environment, we strive to improve our capacity to act positively on climate change.


Collectively, YORLMC pledges to focus on a range of key objectives designed to optimise our skills as an organisation to respond to and act on climate change, in pursuit of our aim to become a carbon friendly company.


YORLMC's objectives are:

  • To better understand our carbon footprint and gain insight into our environmental impact as an organisation in order to inform areas for change. 

  • To reduce the carbon footprint of our organisation with the aim of achieving net zero.

  • To actively promote sustainability and share environmental successes with our wider community.

Progress towards our Objectives.

YORLMC carry out an annual  audit to better understand the carbon footprint within the office. This is a work in progress, repeated and refined each year in a bid to understand and improve our environmental impact.  You can read a brief summary of our 2023 findings here. We will review and update our progress during the period April - June 2024.

May 2024

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