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Pastoral Services

Message from Dr Brian McGregor, Medical Secretary, YORLMC

YORLMC has a comprehensive pastoral care team with many years’ experience of defence bodies, NHSE and GMC procedures and is able to provide personal and confidential support for individual GPs in difficulty or experiencing major change. For example it can include helping an individual GP through difficulties linked to contractual, financial or performance concerns and signposting to other professionals where appropriate.  Further support including attendance at performance meetings and/or support getting appropriate medical care when required can also be provided. YORLMC does not provide a mediation service but we can offer facilitation between doctors.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for colleagues to contact YORLMC for help as early as possible when difficulties arise so that as much support as possible can be provided.

However it is never too late to make contact.

I can be contacted in the first instance through any member of the Operations Team – contact details can be found here.

The Cameron Fund 

The Cameron Fund is the medical benevolent charity that provides support solely to GPs in the UK. This includes GP Trainees, working GPs, retired GPs, as well as dependants of GPs.

The Fund helps GPs and their families who are suffering financial hardship, whether through physical or mental ill-health, disability, bereavement or loss of employment.

Financial help is tailored to best support an individual’s return to work. As well as grants and loans, the Fund can help with money advice assessments and career coaching for those who may no longer be able to continue to work as a GP.

You do not need to be a member of the Cameron Fund to benefit from this charity but please consider becoming a member – it is free to join and the membership form can be downloaded here and returned by email to

There's a video here about how the Cameron Fund can help. 

General contact details for the Cameron Fund are:

020 7388 0796

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9JP, Registered Charity No. 261993

Anyone who knows of someone experiencing hardship is urged to draw attention to the Cameron Fund’s existence.

Practitioner Health

A nationally funded service for GPs and GP trainees suffering mental ill-health and addiction is now available. The Practitioner Health Service provides free, confidential help with issues relating to a mental health concern, including stress or depression, or an addiction problem, in particular where these might affect work.  The service is self-referral. It is provided by health professionals specialising in mental health support to doctors and is available in various locations across England.

To access the service please complete the online self referral form. You will then be contacted by the service by phone or email. Please note the service is not for emergency or crisis issues. These should be directed to mainstream NHS.

Financial support for doctors and their families - new portal

The main medical charities have got together to produce a new website portal that will help doctors in difficulties to find the most suitable charity to apply to. BMA Charities has worked with the Cameron Fund, the RMBF, the Royal Medical Foundation and the Society for the Assistance of Medical Families (formerly Widows & Orphans) and the portal has now gone live. 

Doctors, or their dependents, and medical students, can answer a very short questionnaire to find the best charity to help them. They can then link to that charity for more information about eligibility and application. And there is also information about other organisations that can offer help. 

The website address is: 

BMA Resources

BMA Members can also access information, support and advice on a range of topics to help you manage your work-life balance.

May 2024

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