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BA Branch Report January 2017

8 February 2017

Issue 84  |  Download this report as a PDF

Message from Mark Brooke, Chair, Bradford & Airedale Branch, YORLMC Ltd

Mark BrookeThe problem of how YORLMC adequately represents the views of our GP constituents is regularly and frequently discussed by LMC branch members and officers. YORLMC is the only organisation with a statutory duty to represent GPs and to be consulted on certain aspects of healthcare provision and change.

All of the contacts that GPs and PMs make with YORLMC, provided they are not of a confidential nature, are used to inform and develop YORLMC positions on subjects where we need to express a view representative of General Practice. In order to created more opportunities for GPs and PMs to strengthen the representative function of YORLMC, the local Division structure was started in 2015 with local bi-monthly meetings to which all GPs and PMs are invited.

We really would like to see and hear as many colleagues as possible at these meetings and I would encourage you to try to attend, even if not for the whole of the meeting.

Keep in touch with YORLMC through the YORLMC website, Twitter or via the Corporate Affairs Team and let us know your views - both on the big picture topics and on the day to day problems that might be resolved with support from YORLMC.

The more views we here, the better representation we can give.

Contact details – YORLMC’s Corporate Affairs Team

YORLMC’s Corporate Affairs Team (CAT) is responsible for keeping GPs and practice teams informed of current issues relating to primary care and beyond. The CAT leads on communicating important messages, producing regular guidance and newsletters to keep all GPs and practice teams informed, involved and engaged.

To help the CAT keep track of changes within practice teams it will be much appreciated if you can advise when email addresses change, when GPs join or leave your practice as well as when there is to be a change of Practice Manager.

Kate Mackenzie administers the Bradford & Airedale Branch ( and is therefore the first point of contact for all Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven related matters.

YORLMC Branch and Division Meeting Agendas: Contributions are welcomed from GPs and Practice Managers

GPs and Practice Managers are reminded that their suggestions for items for inclusion on Branch and Division agendas are welcomed.

Meetings of the Bradford & Airedale Branch of YORLMC focus on issues affecting the Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale & Craven area as a whole. There are also three Divisions of YORLMC Ltd which correspond to the three CCG areas. Division meetings focus on more localised discussion and, as co-commissioning gathers momentum, are becoming increasingly significant.

Agendas are circulated to Committee Members one week prior to meetings, following agenda planning sessions involving YORLMC Officers and YORLMC’s Corporate Affairs team. Branches and Divisions meet bimonthly in alternate months and you can check the dates of forthcoming meetings here.

We very much hope you will contribute to this process – your suggested items can be forwarded to the Corporate Affairs Team on

Message from Chris Brennan, Practice Manager resource, Bradford & Airedale Branch, YORLMC


Just a reminder that I am the Practice Manager resource co-opted to the Bradford & Airedale Branch of YORLMC. My role is to use my experience to inform YORLMC discussions and negotiations with a range of organisations, including CCGs, NHSE, AHNHST, BTHNHST and the Local Authority. For clarity, my role is not to provide practice manager representation but instead is to provide a resource and expertise to the Committee by providing a practice manager perspective.

I attend Branch meetings and also liaison meetings with CCG leads, representatives of the Area Team and Bradford MDC’s Public Health Team, so if you feel there are issues/themes emerging that would benefit from being highlighted at these meetings, please let me know so I can ensure these can be considered for inclusion on meeting agendas. The easiest way to contact me is by email - . When emailing it would be helpful if you could also copy your email to Kate Mackenzie ( at the Corporate Affairs Team.

Hepatitis B Vaccination for Babies

As advised in the September 2016 of the BA Branch Report, practices received a communication from NHSE on 1 September clarifying that the Hepatitis B vaccination for babies forms part of the vaccs and imms Additional Service (rather than being a separate Enhanced Service, as previous communications had suggested). Practices should be aware that they therefore cannot opt out of providing the Hepatitis B vaccination for babies without opting out of the vaccs and imms Additional Service as a whole.

Practices should be notified by Child Health Information System (CHIS) of babies who need to be vaccinated. If practices encounter any problems with this, please notify YORLMC who will raise the matter with BTHT.

Pharmacy applications

YORLMC would like to remind practices that local authority contracts that are out to tender will be advertised via the YorTender website

Registration is free and will allow you to become aware when new services become eligible for tender.

YORLMC TRAINING - Upcoming courses


  • 7th: BLS - Clinical and Non-Clinical - Harrogate
  • 14th: Introduction to Medical Terminology - Bradford
  • 21st: BLS - Clinical and Non-Clinical - Bingley
  • 28th: Prescriptions Explained – Bradford


  • 2nd: Intermediate Medical Terminology - York
  • 7th: BLS - Clinical and Non-Clinical - York
  • 8th: Dispenser Development - Harrogate [free of charge]
  • 9th: Intermediate Medical Terminology – York

To book, or for more information, please contact YORLMC on 01423 879922 or 

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn training packages provide a different way for practices to train their staff as it enables you, on behalf of the practice, to deliver training over a lunchtime, by giving you all the materials you need. When you purchase the Lunch and Learn package your payment will trigger access to a PowerPoint presentation and all the relevant accompanying training materials. The training packages which have been developed by Wessex LMCs are accessible here. You will need to create an account and use the code YORLMC when you purchase in order to access the preferential rates offered to practices in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale, Craven, North Yorkshire & York. See here for more potential sources of training.


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