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The Corporate Affairs Team

Dr Douglas Moederle-Lumb
Chief Executive

Dougy is a Member of YORLMC’s Board and is the senior professional representative and coordinator of General Practitioners within the YORLMC area. The Chief Executive is also appointed to lead YORLMC’s Corporate Affairs Team, which is responsible for the administration of all aspects of YORLMC business. This includes matters relating to:

  • your GP/primary care contracts – specifically GPs’ remuneration
  • GPs’ contractual and workload obligations
  • complaints, discipline and performance concerns
  • practice premises
  • any disputes which may occur between GPs and CCGs/Area Teams
  • pastoral support – this is a significant area of work undertaken by YORLMC and Dr Dougy Moederle-Lumb and his YORLMC clinical colleagues are able to provide personal and confidential support for individual GPs and practices in difficulty or experiencing major change

Additionally Dougy is:

  • an elect Member of the GPC, so ensuring that the voice of general practice in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven and North Yorkshire & York is heard and respected at a national level
  • Chair of the GP Defence Fund (GPDF); this fund supports the significant work carried out by GPC Members and negotiators on behalf of the Profession
  • a Trustee of the Cameron Fund which is the medical benevolent charity that provides support solely to GPs in the UK

Dr Brian McGregor
Medical Director

Brian is a Member of YORLMC’s Board and his appointment as Medical Director provides additional resource to the Corporate Affairs Team. He is a long standing Member of North Yorkshire LMC and was vice chair from February 2007 to March 2018.

Brian will work in close liaison with Dougy Moederle-Lumb to support GPs and Practices. Pastoral support is a significant area of work undertaken by YORLMC and Brian specifically will be available to:

  • offer advice to doctors about sick colleagues and be able to advise on methods of referral to other agencies for help
  • help and advise GPs when responding to complaints and where needed, represent them or act as a "Friend" at hearings

Additionally Brian is:

  • a salaried GP
  • a GP appraiser since 2002
  • elected as a member of the LMC Conference (England) agenda committee
  • Local Clinical Director (York and Selby areas), Yorkshire Doctors Urgent Care Ltd which is a private limited company and part of the wider Vocare Group which is also a private limited company

Belinda Smith
Director of Finance

Belinda is a member of YORLMC’s Board and the Company Secretary. Being responsible for managing all things financial relating to the LMCs and the Company and providing regular reports and forecasts to the Board, Belinda has led the development of the Corporate Affairs Team. This has enabled YORLMC to deliver a growing suite of services designed specifically to meet the needs of constituent GPs and their practice teams.

Belinda also manages the requirements of Limited Company status and Constitutional responsibilities. She works closely with the Director of Liaison and the Education Training and Development Manager to maintain and develop appropriate services for constituent GPs and their Practices, managing specific projects as they arise.

Angela Foulston
Director of Liaison

Angela is a member of YORLMC’s Board and supports the Chief Executive in his discussions and negotiations at a strategic level with organisations such as the CCGs, NHSE and Local Authorities. Angela has had a key role in the development of the Y&H LMC Alliance which was formed in 2010 to strengthen medico-political engagement and collaboration between LMCs across the Yorkshire & Humber Region. Operating at this level has been beneficial to Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven and North Yorkshire practices as it has enabled YORLMC to have early sight of developments in other areas.

Angela also provides day to day leadership to the Corporate Affairs Team.  In addition she has led the development of a sessional LMC Group which was established during 2016 specifically to support sessional LMC representatives across West and North Yorkshire in the promotion of the interests of their sessional colleagues.

A further aspect of her role is the development and regular review of YORLMC Policies.

Stacey Fielding
Associate Director of Liaison

In addition to supporting the work of the Director of Liaison, one of Stacey’s key responsibilities is to co-ordinate the work of the Yorkshire & Humber LMC Alliance. This includes the ongoing development of relationships with Y&H LMCs, NHSE and the BMA.

Stacey will also co-ordinate the work of the Bradford & Airedale Branch of YORLMC which will include to include the ongoing development of relationships with locality CCGs and Bradford MDC.

Stacey is also a first point of contact for queries relating to Bradford, Airedale. Wharfedale and Craven GPs and practice teams.

Kate Mackenzie
Executive Officer - Bradford & Airedale

Kate works closely with the Bradford & Airedale Branch Officers to plan agendas, produce meeting papers and undertake meeting follow up for the AWC, City and Districts Divisions. 

Kate is also a first point of contact for queries relating to Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale & Craven GPs and practice teams.

Simon Berriman
Executive Officer - North Yorkshire & York

Simon works closely with the North Yorkshire Branch Chair, Vice Chair & Liaison Officers to plan agendas, produce meeting papers and co-ordinate their distribution for the North Yorkshire Branch of YORLMC Ltd and for regular liaison meetings with NHS England, CCGs and Local Authorities. Simon also attends and minutes North Yorkshire Branch meetings and undertakes meeting follow up.

Simon is also a first point of contact for queries relating to North Yorkshire and York GPs and practice teams.

Leanne Ashton


Education, Training & Development Manager

Having previously worked as a practice manager, Leanne understands how time consuming it can be to source the correct courses for practice staff – as a result YORLMC’s Training, Education and Development service is designed to provide practices with access to a range of relevant clinical and non-clinical training and events and is a resource that enables training to be delivered locally for all members of the practice team.

Gabriella Baldini
Apprentice Administrative Assistant

Working towards achievement of Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration, Gabriella is providing dedicated support to the Executive Officers and the Education, Training & Development Manager

The voice for NHS GPs and Practice Teams across North Yorkshire, the City of York, Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale & Craven districts.