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Wellbeing training & events

Importantly event content is focusing on allowing delegates time to concentrate on their own wellbeing and provide them with practical mindfulness techniques they can take away and use in their day to day lives.  Information about forthcoming events is displayed on the YORLMC website at

Previous events include wellbeing seminars, featuring a range of inspirational local and national speakers and practical workshops offering support/techniques on how to reduce the risk of burnout and stress in the workplace.  


Having Better Conversations (HBC)

John Bibby along with Dr Jonathan Dixon has led work to develop a peer support model that will address unmet need amongst GPs and practice staff who are increasingly needing protected time with trusted colleagues to talk about challenging issues affecting them in their professional lives.  The model has been rebranded as “having better conversations” and is based around a loosely structured framework that provides informal yet timely peer support, allowing the sensitive exploration of any contributing factors, and the possibilities that might exist for change. 

Current training dates can be found here

June 2021

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