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Workforce Minimum Data Set

Workforce Minimum Data Set

Practices are required to submit a workforce minimum data set (WMDS) under the Health and Social Care Act. This data can either be submitted to HSCIC using the national primary care workforce tool, or to Health Education England using their GP tool. The HSCIC submission is mandatory, however practices have the option of providing the HSCIC data via the HEE GP tool (this involves ticking a box on the HSCIC tool confirming the practice has completed the HEE tool).

Although YORLMC understands the initial set up of the HEE submission is more time consuming than the HSCIC submission, YORLMC supports the use of the HEE GP tool as it provides greater benefits in terms of primary care strategy development. The HEE data is analysed in detail and is shared at a local and regional level, with CCGs and NHSE; YORLMC is also aware the HEE analysis has been a valuable resource in discussions with NHSE regarding STPs.

Dr Krishna Kasaraneni, Policy Lead: Education, Training and Workforce, General Practitioners Committee, has written a blog regarding the WMDS, entitled Another form to fill? Yes, but this one matters which can be found here.

BMA guidance is available at:


March 2018

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