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This includes access to:


A Stress Assessment App 


A Wellbeing App that can be used as a tool to monitor burnout levels is in development.  It is expected to launch during Spring 2020, will be supported by FourteenFish and made freely available to clinical and non-clinical staff.  The App will take the format of a questionnaire that individuals voluntarily sign up to complete once a month.  The scores will be monitored and flagged when an individual’s score worsens enabling signposting to support to be provided.


Support groups e.g. Peer Problem Solving Groups (PPS), GP Generation, Balint groups


There is evidence that where an individual has access to a support group they will achieve more.  YORLMC’s Wellbeing framework will identify and signpost via its website to peer problem solving groups (PPS groups).


The Healthy Practice initiative 


YORLMC has started exploratory work in defining what constitutes a healthy working practice team.  The focus will be on the organisation as opposed to the individual and will seek to support within the workplace the development of  


  • a healthy culture
  • appropriate management systems  


A tool is in development that will help practices self-assess their progress.

The voice for NHS GPs and Practice Teams across North Yorkshire, the City of York, Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale & Craven districts.