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LMC Levy

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Like all LMCs, YORLMC is funded through a practice based levy (the statutory levy) and this covers all GPs whatever their contractual status.


The statutory levy was put into baseline as part of the 2004 GP contract, is therefore included in global sum and is a tax-deductible practice expense.  It funds the cost of delivering the statutory and administrative functions of the LMC, including the finances necessary to run the Corporate Affairs Team which in turn supports the delivery of effective representation and active promotion of General Practice.  Essentially, the Statutory levy funds just about every aspect of the LMC’s work other than where grants from NHSE/CCGs for specific projects have been made.


The majority of the voluntary levy is collected to meet the GP Defence Fund (GPDF) quota. This Fund supports the significant work carried out by GPC Members and negotiators on behalf of the Profession.  It also funds contributions to the Cameron Fund which is a charity supporting exclusively GPs and their families in times of poverty, hardship and distress. The attached fact sheet provides further information about the GPDF voluntary levy.


For the period 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020, the statutory levy is 99p per patient.  For the same period the voluntary levy is 6ppp.  The levy is calculated on raw (actual) list size. The whole amount for both are deducted from practices and paid across to the LMC.

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