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YORLMC Ltd: about us and how we support you

YORLMC Ltd - about us and how we support you - April 2021

YORLMC Ltd - About us

The above fact sheets describe the work YORLMC is carrying out on your behalf, one being an abridged version of a more detailed document that explains YORLMC’s roles & functions, how it is funded and what is delivered through levy income. Also included is information about the Committees and YORLMC’s relationships with other organisations.


Message from Angela Foulston, Chief Executive

It has already been said more than once that these are extraordinary times and the pressures being experienced in General Practice are unprecedented. There are clear signs we will be dealing with COVID for months and there are challenges and changes yet to come.

Every practice has turned their service delivery upside down and produced completely new pathways of care whilst coping with a developing national crisis that has had significant impact on local services and local practices.

In response to the challenges faced and to support you we introduced an on call system for the LMC, and widened the number of senior members available.

In addition to pastoral care which is one of the foundations that YORLMC is built on, we are providing targeted wellbeing and resilience support – please get in touch with the Corporate Affairs Team for any advice or queries, senior members of both Committees are at your disposal as required.

The next few months will be unprecedented in our lifetimes, and will challenge us all as professionals and as a system, we need to ensure we act in cohesion and with unity, it is also vital we continue to support and care for each other, to ensure we can care for others.

In addition to the regular COVID bulletins containing important links to local and national guidance that are being shared with you, the above briefing provides an overview of the work YORLMC continues to carry out on your behalf as well as information describing how that work is funded.

As your local representative body, YORLMC has a duty to ensure that our on-going support meets the demands of constituent GPs in whatever NHS roles they are engaged in.

We have amended the LMC constitution to reflect current changes to the healthcare landscape and the increasingly diverse roles of our constituents, to ensure it is clear that YORLMC represents GPs in all these developing areas

We will continue to provide our current range of services to constituent GPs and enhance and introduce new services where appropriate, to meet the requirements of GP constituents in their diverse and demanding roles

We will continue to regularly review how levy funding is utilised in a way that is focussed and relevant to the needs of our constituent GPs.

Should you have any questions or issues that you would like to discuss regarding the information shared here please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Corporate Affairs Team.


April 2021


The voice for NHS GPs and Practice Teams across North Yorkshire, the City of York, Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale & Craven districts.