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Legal and Financial

YORLMC Ltd cannot provide individual GPs or practices with legal or financial advice. However YORLMC offers all its constituents access to a range of legal services.


The services are offered under the banner of YORLMC LAW – in conjunction with LMC Law Limited – and are designed to assist and facilitate legal advice and services to practices and federations.

YORLMC is supporting and funding the delivery of these services utilising LMC reserves, with a view to ensuring that practices and federations receive high quality expert advice from legal professionals with significant NHS experience. More details about the YORLMC LAW service are available here.

HR & Employment Indemnity Package
YORLMC offers an HR and Employment Support Package which is available to practices and federations at very competitive rates and under a contract which can be renewed annually.

As outlined in the flyer, this package is subject to the LMC Law terms and conditions of service.

Please see the flyer for practices and federations for more information

*COVID-19 update: Because employment issue are significant during the COVID-19 crisis, LMC Law will temporarily be happy to receive any HR queries from practices and advise. HR and employment are not usually covered under the retainer but LMC Law is making this an exception in the current time. Please note that this applies to YORLMC constituent practices only and will be subject to review.*


BMA Law was set up by the British Medical Association to provide expert legal advice to the medical community.

In 2015 it became licensed as a fully independent law firm, allowing it to provide a full range of services. In addition to providing legal services to individuals and their family members it also acts as the BMA’s legal services provider. It is not necessary to be a BMA member to use BMA Law services, but if you are, you will benefit from discounted rates.

Support is offered across the medical community, including:

  • Doctors
  • Medical students
  • GP practices and GP networks/federations

BMA Law contact details are here

BMA Employer Advisory Service

The BMA Employer Advisory Service offers FREE comprehensive, independent and authoritative advice on a huge range of employment-related issues exclusively for BMA members. Full details can be found here

In addition to the above:

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