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General Interventions

This includes access to:


Having Better Conversations (HBC)


John Bibby along with Dr Jonathan Dixon has led work to develop a peer support model that will address unmet need amongst GPs who are increasingly needing protected time with trusted colleagues to talk about challenging issues affecting them in their professional lives.  The model has been rebranded as “having better conversations” and is based around a loosely structured framework that provides informal yet timely peer support, allowing the sensitive exploration of any contributing factors, and the possibilities that might exist for change.   There is now an infrastructure, developed by YORLMC that is working across the Y&H region, to support the role out of HBC to GPs.  A small cohort of trainers have committed to delivering this programme and they are working with LMCs across Y&H to deliver this training.   


A standalone website resource is in development.  Additionally work is underway to develop this well received programme for other clinicians as well as practice managers and non clinical practice team members and PCNs.  


Please contact YORLMC if you wish to arrange a training session or seek further information.  


GP mentoring 


During 2018, YORLMC secured funding through the NHS England GP Resilience Programme to pilot a locally led model for GP Mentorship. The need for GP Mentorship had been recognised nationally through the GP Forward View, locally through LMC surveys and also through discussion with colleagues leading on the NHS England appraisal process. 


The funding secured enabled YORLMC to train a cohort of mentors which has been providing capacity for mentee places across YORLMC’s Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale, Craven & Harrogate footprints.  The pilot has provided the opportunity to build and develop support mechanisms for GPs.  At the same time, it has provided a basis for evaluation which is being used to support the expansion of provision of GP Mentorship, it being accepted that offering a strong career pathway that is supported by a programme of personal and professional development is an important factor in attracting and retaining GPs.  


Recent analysis by YORLMC of feedback provided by mentees as part of the above pilot reveals that almost half of all mentees sought support and guidance relating to their career and development.  More than a quarter requested support with time management and 17% and 13% required support with their work/life balance and stress management respectively.

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