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BAME Risk Assessment Guidance

BAME Risk Assessment Guidance

It is very important that people from BAME communities working in healthcare and key worker roles have the adequate protection they need and are effectively risk assessed. It is therefore extremely concerning that the promised National Agreement is yet to be published.

A number of guidance documents have been produced. As access to occupational health is simply not available for most practices YORLMC hopes the information below provides a straightforward and robust approach to managing this quickly and effectively and in a way that can be implemented without ambiguity.

It is the view of Brian McGregor, YORLMC’s COVID Lead that the Leicester model (otherwise referred to as the Risk Assessment framework for NHS) is the most unhelpful. It is the only model that does not contain a scoring system, and only provides a vague direction covered by a "take expert HR advice and guidance".

3 other risk assessment models are also attached. Each has a clear scoring system and well-defined pathways as to who to remove from frontline work and who to protect. The SAAD assessment and BAME assessment form are Brian McGregor’s preferred options.

When the National Agreement is published we will share it with you without delay.


May 2020

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